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I started looking at Bitcoin just when GPU’s became too slow to use for mining.  I observed Bitcoin but did not participate.  Bitcoin always seemed bit too unplanned for me to get behind.  Reine Revere of ShapeShift’s Prism Exchange called it “a giant proof of concept”.  I concur.

Slowly I learned about Ethereum and here I found a connection.  This had a development plan and a dedicated team.  It was much more than a currency with many more applications.  Eth did not just exist as a financial instrument, it was the gas for the “world computer”.

I started with Ethereum just before the DAO and that was a wonderful education.  The philosophy behind Eth Classic is hard to argue with but Ethereum made the best of their bad choices and have survived to grow again.  It showed how if code is law, there better not be any holes in the code. Here my aviation background may offer some value.  Aerospace knows how to make reliable code.

I mined for a bit when an Eth was $12 but stupidly I stopped when my 2ig cards hit the DAG wall. Mostly I was looking at the eco system and trying to find how I could fit in.  I was not a coder and I could not follow solidity.  I was not a bold VC entrepreneur and I was not into fintech.

Finally, I realized that my value was in communication.  Bridging the gap between the Ethereum eco system and the many people and who want to participate but don’t want to increase their computer skills in the process.  This website is my first step.  I have more coming, stay tuned.

Career wise I am a business development for an avionics supplier.  Right now I am in sales, but before then I was in product management, program management and system engineering.

Looking for a way to work in Ethereum full time.

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